Plugin Auto Map Remote Control

I essentally want to be able to auto map about 8 controls any plugin I bring up.

I’m thinking there has to be a way to have Cubase send a midi message to my controller to let it know which plugin is the front most plugin and therefore auto map my controller to the front most plugin.

For example if I bring up a compressor, Cubase sends a message to my controller to switch into ‘compressor mode’ auto assigning my midi controller so the the most useful parameters come up. (Attack, Release, Threshold, etc etc.) Then when I switch to another plugin like a delay it auto switches the same knobs and faders on my midi controller to the most useful parameters like (Delay time, Delay type, Mix, etc. etc.)

There are ways of doing this with a HUI controller, however you have to click on plugin mode of your controller then select which plugin port you want to control before it switches over to your remote control parameters.

I also know there are companies like novation that make auto mapping plugin wrappers.

I’m looking for a clever solution, likely with a combination of generic remote, hui and the remote control editor built into cubase.

I am willing to pay someone a substantial amount of funds to help me resolve or build something to do what I’m after.


In any case, Cubase doesn’t send any MIDI information about the most top (focused) window.

As you wrote, there are some options (like using HUI or Mackie Control) protocols to get this kind of information, but you have to call the plug-in window from the HW.

Another option is some kind od wrapper, what Novation did. But all of your plug-is are then wrapped by this, what could cause an issues.