Plugin automation value showing only when project is playing

Is there a way to see the plugin parameter value(for example frequency in Hz) as I’m moving automation point up and down? The pop up and automation lane only update value of a parameter when the project is playing live. With VST3 plugins this works fine.



Yes, you can see this value in the Info Line.

In the Project window, click to Set up Window Layout [Shift + F2], and enable the Info Line. Once it is enabled, and you select an automation point, you can see the type, Start, Value and Terminator. If you move the node, all values change here. You can also change the value directly in the Info Line.

Yes, I know that. But if the plugin is VST2 the Value is from 0 to 100 not the actual value from the plugin (ex. Hz). I can see the frequency in hz only in automation lane or as a pop up when I touch the node but when I move it up or down it doesn’t change.

I see, VST2 plug-ins… Is it the same for all VST2 plug-ins, or any specific plug-ins (or vendors) only?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

I’m on windows

To put it simply, you can’t. Steinberg have decided to cripple VST2.4 users by not letting their automation display values as it should. (i.e. like how VST3 works). All other DAWs have no problem reporting VST2.4 values so I know there is no technical reason why.

I guess Steinberg just really want to force people into VST3. Not so good for all the hundreds of plugins which don’t have a VST3 version. :frowning:

Why Steinberg, the inventors of VST have decided to punish VST2.4 users in Cubase is shocking.

I can confirm the same behavior on Mac too.

The truth is, Cubase suports VST2.4 and higher only.

VST2.4 has the same problem. I’m sure the OP is actually referring to VST2.4 when he says VST2 though.

Sorry for confusion I was referring to VST2.4. I checked in ableton, fl, bitwig and they all seem to have the same behaviour(only showing value in percantage) so I guess it’s a VST2.4 thing. At least cubase supports VST3 so I can see value with some of my plugins. :slight_smile: Anyway thanks for all the help guys

Most VST2.4 plugins show values that aren’t 0-100 for me in Live for example, so it’s not a VST2.4 thing:

Steinberg make it impossible to accurately automate gain when using VST2.4 for example since Cubase doesn’t tell you it’s value as you are adjusting it. It’s a real pain and there is no way it’s a limitation of VST2.4 since other DAWs manage it fine as shown above!

It must be intentionally broken to try and make people use VST3.

Pardon me, you’re right. I only checked values in arrangement view. That’s exactly why I was wondering because cubase also shows value that is not just 1-100(it’s in a window in automation lane and in the pop up next to cursor when you click on the node). But it doesn’t update them in realtime for me. I put the locator on where the node is and move the node up and down but the value in the pop up doesn’t change. On the other hand when i press play the value in the pop up and in automation lane is changing according to automation.