Plugin Blacklist Question

I have just downloaded the demo version of Cubase Pro 9.5 and I have a message on screen that tells me that
while scanning my plugins it has blacklisted my bought copies of Izotope Neutron 2.

There is an option to reinstate the plugin but I get a message saying this is not recommended as it may cause Cubase to crash
or not run as it should.

Is there a solution to this please.


There are two solutions:
1.Reinstate the Plugin, and see if Cubase crashes or not
2.Don´t reinstate the Plugin

Mmmmm after reading up a bit more it would appear that the plugin was Blacklisted
because it’s 32bit.
Hopefully a 64bit version will be accepted,we’ll see.

Of course no 32 bit plugins will now work with Cubase. It may well be that some installers offer no choice and create 64 & 32 bit versions in Cubase and the 32 bit versions are obviously blacklisted but the 64 bit versions will work normally. Some users have had lu installing JBridged versions of 32bit plugins. Just make sure that the 32 bit original file cannot be seen by Cubase - ie not in a folder in the Cubase pathway.

Thanks silhouette I will go to Isotopes website
and see if there is a 64 bit version.