Plugin Buffer size (not big enough) crashes 10.5

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0 0x00007fff3214b80b ERROR_CGDataProvider_BufferIsNotBigEnough + 43
Session crashed by using the RME Fireface 802 no Audio-guard, latency set 256 samples @48kHz
No fix in certain conditions, lot of UAD plugins and heavy sessions…
Buffer bug Crash with: McDSP 6034 Ultimate Multiband, Plugin Alliance Lindell TE-100…

With the previous 10.0.5 pro version is all fine!

Please fix it!

So at the end if you have such crashes just run the previous 10.0.5 version load the plugin in the mix console, save the project and reopen it with cubase 10.5 it does the job!

but pls pls pls fixxx it!


Get in touch with the plug-in manufacturer and inform him about the crash in his plug-in, please.

Hi Martin, i will do it, thnx!