plugin bugs in C7 & OSX 10.9

As Steinberg is progressing towards a release to ensure C7 full compatibility, here a list of some bugs I noticed with some plugging.

The plugins listed display the same behaviour:
. when the plugin is on, controls do not move (e.g. “buttons”) do not respond to mouse moves
. when the plugin is turned off, the controls that were “moved”, jump to the position that was intended with the mouse.
. this is also true with parameters selection of the plugin.

This happens so far with :
. TAL plugins, e.g. the Chorus 60
. PSP plugins such as Nitro
. SPL plugins such as Transient Designer.

The system is use is OSX 10.9, on iMac Intel Core i5 (2.8 GhZ) with 4GB Ram and Cubase

Aloha B, and thanks for the report. Every lil bit helps.

Looks as if these developers are going to have to
update their products to the 10.9 level.
Lets hope it is soon.

Thanks again.