Plugin chainer/ Macro control

I’m still waiting for a way to assign multiple parameters to a single controller, ala Ableton Live Macro/ FL Patcher/ Reason Combinator. This will bring a huge improvement to complex sound design tasks that are not possible otherwise. All of the 3rd party VST chainers just don’t quite cut it, in my experience.

My vision is that Cubase will make a new type of track, let’s just say a “Rack Control.” This will be available as both instruments and insert FX. It will have the ability to chain different plug-ins together, and have macro controls to assign to multiple parameters.

On top of that, it will also accelerate the workflow by allowing users to stack different chains together (16 to be precise, as we have 16 inserts) This will be very useful because you can use 1 Rack Control for widening, and another for boosting bass, for example.

These are not new ideas I just invented, but they have been around for a very long time (since 2005, Reason 3). I just feel like it’s about time Cubase needs to have this feature if they want to call their product “sublime in every sense of the word.”


now THAT would be really awesome!!

+1 was hoping for the same maybe a host of lfos mseg and various modulation and macro sources that could be assigned to modulate anything on the given track like the vst, send, and insert parameters.
This could easy either fit in the lower zone or maybe in a third tab next to the new channel strip.

+++++ And do it in Multiband Mode…!!
So in any band, we can have different VST !!
(4bands minimum) :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’ll get more responses and make Steinberg notice this time. Last year we had about 3 pages discussing this topic but no luck :frowning:

While I do realize that not everyone needs this function, I’d argue that for those who do, it’s absolutely vital as there’s no other way to audition complex modulations in real time other than using macro controls.


A “Rack Control” linked to all the “Quick Controls” would be nice and a good starting point.



A fully configurable macro control (start/end values, slope/curve, etc. of each assigned parameter), that can change multiple parameters of several plugins simultaneously, would be incredibly useful.

totally agree



Yes +1 for a control logical editor

+1 I’m a fan!

I’d also like to link a few threads that requested this feature over the years that I found:
As well as in the comment section of this video:

This is obviously a highly requested feature that many have been waiting for. And as I said, we can use 3rd party plugins to help with many things, but not really for a feature like this. I’m really hoping to see this being implemented soon.

We totally need this.

Please don’t forget to vote for “multi quick control” and “multiple instruments in one track” in this poll, which I think is a monthly thing now


MCC Generator from Melda just make my dream and it can do sooo muuuuch more than just midi macro… amazing and it’s free
One less thing to bother with midi macro functionality and midi modulations connections…

+1 My “Inverse Links and Toggles” idea could probably be incorporated into this, too.