plugin chainer Pros & Cons

Can someone explain the Pros & Cons of using a plugin chainer i.e Bluecat Patchwork
Since Cubase can run tons of plugins, I never got my head around why a chainer is necessary, unless it provides other uses that I am unaware of?
Could it be perhaps that using 10 plugins inside a chainer would somehow use less CPU than running them individually in the track mixer?

Sorry for my ignorance here but If you don’t ask…you don’t learn.

Thanks in advance peeps.

Previous versions of cubase allowed for fewer plugins per channel.

Also some companies only allow you to use their plugins inside their chainer.

Thanks I appreciate your response.

…and these are the only 2 reasons why to use a chainer?

i was kinda hoping there would be other beneficial uses, like saving on cpu power or something like that, if not, then I don’t need one.

Thanks again for your input!

Some of the chainer let you load 32 bit plugins, iirc

I have jbridge so don’t need that facility either.

Thank you for your reply, it’s appreciated.

Blue Cat patchwork plug in chains are usable in several DAW’s… Just save your perfect mastering chain in Cubase and recall it in Logic Pro.

You can have several parallel chains and easily compare(with automatic level correction) between them, or combine them.

You can combine AU & VST plug ins.

Making an elaborate parallel multi-synth patch and save it as one entity. Recallable in Logic & Cubase.

And another great feature in Patchwork if i may, which i use:
You can chain VST Plugins which output MIDI notes, thus creating very creative “MIDI Chains” (think of Arps, Chord generators etc).
Ofcourse in Cubase you have such MIDI tools also but you can’t chain them.