Plugin clipping indicator?

In Cubase, the channel color strip goes red if the channel hits clipping. If I have a chain of insert plugins, I can open each one’s UI to monitor inter-plugin clipping. But of course, that involves a lot of UI interaction and doesn’t give you an “at a glance” view of plugin clipping the way the color strips do for channel clipping.

I was watching a video the other day that was using PT, and the insert slots would turn red to indicate that a plugin was clipping, which I thought was a nice little visual indicator.

Is there any feature in Cubase to indicate plugin clipping like that, or is it just a PT thing?

I’d like to see something like this as well.

In Live, each plugin has its own little meter.

might not be room for a meter but, the insert going red is a nice idea.

The clipping value for plugins varies, as long as we’re dreaming maybe can add an adjustable per plug in level that determines when it turns red.