Plugin coders

I was thinking . Steinberg don¨t produce all their own plugins, do they?

Looking at the Fx Modulator I most certainly have owned “that” plugin for years :slight_smile: except for with a different GUI.

When I look at the Supervison plugin it makes me think of Zplane. I even saw the company MAAT have their name on a plugin in a promo video.

Is it known who contributes to the Steinberg plugins or is that just hired muscle and “not public” information?

Overall, Steinberg produces its own plugins internally (FX Modulator, SuperVision, …).
You can find the names of all developers in the about box of Cubase.
For some of them, third-party technology are also used which is usually documented in the manual or directly on the user interface; as example see the user interface of Lin One Dither with the MAAT logo at the bottom.