Plugin Color Scheme impossible to read

I bought yesterday Cubase Elements 10, I am satisfied, but the plugins are unreadable, dark letters on dark background, I couldn’t find any possibility to change the color schemes on plugins.

See the attachment.
Any solutions to this problem?

Hi and welcome,

COuld you try in CUbase Safe Start Mode, please?

Thank you for the answer. As you adviced, I launched cubase elements 10 in Cubase Safe Start, deleted the preferences, but the result is the same. Plugins have a very dark UI with black text, which is unreadable.

Is there any help from Steinberg? It seems to me, that support is non existent. It is very sad…


I saw similar reports here on the forum, but I can’t find them now. Some of them were about the Channel Settings Window (EQ), some about the MixConsole. I believe all are the same at the end. But I can’t find them now, to have a look, if there was any solution (and I don’t remember).

Oh, it’s a “conspiracy” now. I am very sorry, in this form I cannot use many function of cubase I bought with real money
I deleted hundred times the preferences, Cubase Safe Started, but the plugin colors remained the same unreadable:


Your colour-scheme doesn’t look really as a default one. Have you set it up so after the trash preferences? Is it overtaken from an old Cubase version?

I would try to reinstall Cubase (make sure you will install it as Administrator). To me this looks like corrupted Skin file.