Plugin Control from MIDI Remote Script


I’m using the MIDI Remote Editor with a custom script to achieve a similar functionality to Console 1 - eg. controlling channel parameters including plugins with a unified interface. Currently I have to do a hybrid approach where the skeleton of the controller is script based (pages, navigation and native Cubase functions like volume, pan, sends etc.) but for any plugin related command I have to use the MIDI Remote editor in Cubase, as script based plugin control is currently not implemented.

It would open up a lot of possibilities to have the following features:

  • assign plugin parameters to control elements using the script. This could be referenced as simple as “channel x / insert slot y / plugin parameter z”.
  • assign “open plugin editor” function to control element using the script
  • ability to feed back the name of a plugin (loaded to a certain insert slot) to the script. This way different control sets could be loaded based on the plugin used on a certain track. Also it would be possible to control plugins regardless of their location in the insert chain.

I hope this makes sense, any questions let me know.
Many thanks for considering!