Plugin Delay Compensation still active while plugin is bypassed


On C13 the plugin delay compensation remains active while bypassing the plugin, when playing back the track is still offset in time and sometimes theres audible glitches aswell as the signal being sort of “chopped off”.

Issue is persistent in both cubase plugin bypass and internal plugin bypass. This wasn’t happening on the previous instalment of Cubase.

Meanwhile i will bypass by manually turning each plugin off, but its very annoying still.

Hope Steinberg can fix it asap,


The post lacks much relevant information.
Which OS?
CPU, GPU? Audio hardware and driver?
And of course which plugins?

Of course, it does.

That is not a common problem, it is specific to your system. At least I don’t remember anybody reported the exact same issue. And it is a sign for not working delay compensation.

Did you enable “Constrain delay compensation”?

How this is implemented is due to the plugin vendor.