PlugIn detection

Hi all
When I run the plugin detection in Wavelab 9.5, each time many plugins end up in a different order. Sometimes some plugins are missing, sometimes they end up in another category. It organizes them always different. Why is that? Can this be controlled somehow? Thank you, Stefano

I can also report somewhat random plugin detection.

I just set up a new computer and with one particular plugin I had to reinstall and rescan a few times before WaveLab would see both the VST2 and VST3 version.

It’s not all that uncommon unfortunately.

I too have not been able to get Wavelab to recognize certain plugins after multiple scans and it is frustrating to not have access to your normal tools. Also, when I installed the latest version I lost all of my folders with plugins organized by type. Right now the most frustrating part is the stereo UAD Ampex Atr-102 not being recognized. I have force rescanned many times without any luck. Odd thing is the mono version will pass inspection but not the stereo(the one I need). All my other software will load this plugin just fine so it is definitely a Wavelab issue. Interestingly, after installing DDMFs metaplugin I was able to see and load the stereo UAD Ampex version within Wavelab so I may have found a work around…

Tip: you are not obliged to do a full rescan if a plugin is missing. You can click there and select one or more plugins to re-evaluate:

So it turns out my workaround for getting Wavelab to accept the UAD Ampex Atr-102(and other UAD plugs) is a no go. I am able to see, open, save and use the plugin just fine in Wavelab within DDMFs metaplugin but as soon as I go to render results Wavelab will crash so I am back to square one being unable to use my go to UAD plugs. Very frustrating…

That’s a bummer. I randomly have plugins that won’t be detected on initial scan and some UAD plugins are usually involved. Luckily for me it’s usually a random one that I never use but ATR-102 is always solid here and loads up.

Maybe PG will have a better method for you to redo the scan so that at least the UAD plugins you need will load up but it is pretty interesting that while most UAD plugins load, some randomly decide not to.

Whenever something I really need doesn’t pass the scan, I can usually find a way to trigger it to be scanned successfully. I know with UAD it’s a headache to do this but often times reinstalling the plugin(s) is a good way to make WaveLab scan again successfully.

recognize certain plugins

What operating system? What WaveLab version? Your plugins are stored on a SSD drive or a HDD ?


Interesting question - what is the cause behind this? Why would it matter if the plug ins are stored on a SSD or HD? Mine are all on a SSD.

WaveLab reads/writes many small files during a plugin scan, and there is a timing parameter involved. Normally this works on all drives, but today we only test on SSDs, and maybe there is a problem on slow HDD? (I don’t think so).
The fact that the user crashes when rendering, seems to imply that the involved UAD is not loading in WaveLab. Maybe an old version?

Operating system is OSX 10.11.6
Wavelab 9.5.15(build 45)-64 bit
UAD 9.4.0 11-08-2017 60995
Plugs are stored on a SSD drive.

I am all ears with other suggestions having tried everything I know. Thanks!

The problem is with 1 specific UAD plugins, or with all?

Only a few. Plugs that I would use that don’t show are Fairchild, and the stereo version of the Ampex ATR-102. The mono version I can see, open use, etc but the stereo version is always ignored by Wavelab.

FWIW, my UAD plugin detection has always been random as far as which ones don’t get properly detected and activated.

Also, perhaps muddying the waters further, Wavelab lists Fatso SR and JR in the ignored list but they still show up as an option in the UAD folder and I am able to open and use both. So weird…

Wow!! This thread settles it for me. Back to “Sound Forge”. :frowning:

I’m about 2 years deep into trying to find a solution or work-around for this issue. I know I won’t get any refund for WaveLab from Steinberg, so I just have take a loss there.

I feel angry/sad about this, because I LOVE the workflow in WaveLab. But plugins being fully available, is massively a big deal… some are magic and cost a lot of money too.

Maybe later (days, weeks, months… not years, I hope), I’ll do a Google search… and see that Steinberg has fixed this once and for all in WaveLab.

Cefshah, did you do the live connect with Steinberg support? Also I wondered if you’ve tried Reaper. Would all your plugins appear there?

In another thread, a user solved the problem like this:

Locate the following file:

C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 9.5\Startup.ini

Then open it and add this entry:


Then start WaveLab, and do “Force Plug-in detection at next launch”


bob99, thanks for the suggestion.

Steinberg tech support told me that they would contact me at a certain time… about 4 DAYS AGO. I took the time and waited by the phone, “Team Viewer” ready to go. NO ONE CALLED ME.

The only thing that will satisfy me at this point… is a fully installed and working copy of “Sound Forge Pro 12” (64 bit), which is soon to be released.

Maybe sometime around WaveLab Pro 11, I’ll look to see if Steinberg really addressed this craziness.

I’m so angry at Steinberg right now… and if not for 30 years of Cubase experience, I wouldn’t even be connected to this forum.

P.S. Every plugin I own, shows and makes itself available in both Sound Forge and Cubase; WaveLab is the odd man out. :frowning: