Plugin devs-> whats with the peaks?


I have noticed that in 2016 , many plugin creators are making plugins that need a proposterous amount of buffer size.

There is enough cpu that can still be accessed, the average load is in the green,
but ,
realtime peaks are always in the red if one does not increase the buffer size to unuseable levels (while creating) -

-they are ok for offline work, post or cosmetics when everything has been created already…

So my question is this:
if there is enough cpu left over, average load is minimal, why all these realtime peaks? - is this a new technique to make plugins? (Some kind of cpu access “bursts” instead of a constant flow? (Like intel speedstep or vbr in mp3s - just utilizing a big chunk of cpu/bitrate then dropping down to idle levels and repeating this many times in a short period of time- thus causing peaks?)

Do plugin devs “cheat” somehow and use this new “peak-burst” method for?? (Saving average cpu?)

Can anybody shed some light into this recent development?


Has this not always been the case?

The “sense of growth” but everything is just as fast as it used to be? → maybe even slower?

samesame but different?

The wheel keeps on turning?

Take source amd turn it into this, then turn it into that and then turn it into ? Cassettes, cds, mp3, digital… Wave, aiff, flac, yaddayadda…