Plugin Extensions

To Steinberg:-
Take advantage of some 3rd party plugin devs (FabFilter, Softube, etc) who’ve already implemented reporting of gain reduction of their (VST3) plugin, to the host, through a GR meter combined within the Channel meter display.

Yes, if you want your host DAW to do similar, then look here - the coding is already mostly done for you…! (scroll down a little)


PS:- I do know Steinberg have already enabled this in the top meter-bridge in the mix console, but only when using Steinberg’s own compressors - Channel Strip or insert FX. For me, where this is really useful, is when its inside the channel meter (like StudioOne has it). Opening this up to 3rd party’s offerings too, must be worth pursuing.

I don’t own any FabFilter or Softube, but I do now own StudioOne; this feature is useful with Presonus’ own compressors, in a high track-count mixer. I’m sure lots of Cubendo users would also like this - more so if they have 3rd party plugs that comply…

PPS:- wonder if Philippe over at Wavelab might take advantage too…? (hint)

Puma, would love your thoughts on this: