Plugin folder questions.

Should I have been prompted with an question on install about where I wanted my plugin folder path?
I would like to have my plugin folders on another harddrive.
Can this be done manually, and if so, is there a well written step by step guuide on how to do it somewhere?

You can have a plugin folder anywhere. You only have to direct a path towards it in the Plugin Management system. Whether all your dlls will like the move without being re-install experiment alone will tell.

There is a default VST2 plugin folder, and a fixed VST3 plugin folder.

However, within the plugin manager, other VST2 folders can be added, so plugins that do their own thing, or that you installed elsewhere, can be can be used. VST3 plugins already know where to put themselves.

The VST3 plugin folder can be moved, but only by using a junction point that looks to programs like a folder, but actually treats the target folder as if it was the local folder.

Ty, that helps alot.