Plugin graphics lost in heavy projects

It seems that just before ASIO cannot handle more plugins some of them start to loose graphics and only white window is displayed.
This happens with Waves and TC Electronic plugins, Sonnox and Softube perform as expected.
Can I do something about this issue?

Can you explain a little bit what you define a heavy project? What is your hardware specification?

With heavy I mean lots of real time processing.
I use RME UFX with PC with E6850 processor and 8G RAM.
Cubase 6 and OS are 64bit.

This is sometimes an indicator that you are running out of memory. Seems unlikely in this case if you’re running 64bit with 8Gb.
Check ram use in task manager…maybe run memtest in case you have a faulty module?

Does upping your buffers make any difference?

Soundcard buffers are maxed, ie. 2048 samples.

Current project with described symptoms - Task Manager says that RAM usage is 3,53G.
I’ll run memtest later.

Maybe in your case it is cpu you’re running out of…that processor is pretty weak compared to recent models.

Same thing occurs with my laptop which has i7-2630QM CPU @ 2,00GHz

Are all your plugins 64 bit?


Sonnox plugins are 32bit, but Waves, TC and Softube are 64bit.

You could try to optimize your projects. A project with a lot of tracks with a lot of edits, crossfades, variaudio, etc taxes the computer.

If all your edits and corrections are finalized, render them all, clear out all unused media, clean out the pool. This will make the project lean then the processing power will then all be focused on plugins, VSTis, etc… VSTis can be rendered too.

What about update-reinstall your video card drivers?

I used to run on white GUI issues despite my video card drivers were on line updated by the MSI update utility and a simple video card driver manual reinstall fixed my problems.