Plugin GUI bug. Size/Off Axis Issue

Hi, I just hired an engineer who normally works in Studio One but I’ve gotten him to switch over to Cubase 10.5. Some of the plugins have a weird GUI bug where there’s extra space between the window and the actual plugin GUI. In addition, in order to select faders/knobs/controls, you have to click somewhere that’s completely off axis from where the control actually is. It’s VERY annoying.

I can’t really find anything about this bug. Has it been confirmed yet? This happens with multiple plugins and those same plugins work just fine within Studio One, so it’s a pretty safe bet that this problem is a Cubase problem.

Some of the plugins that the bug affected were izotope Nectar 3 and Native Instruments Raum. Some plugins NOT affected by this bug were various Waves plugins and Native Instruments Guitar Rig. Also, I think all of the built in/factory plugins worked fine and didn’t have this bug.

AMD FX 8320 8 Core Processor, 32GB Ram, AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series Graphics Card, Windows 10, Cubase 10.5.12