PlugIn Gui in Mastersection not showing

All of a sudden I cannot open the PlugIn Guis in the master Section anymore. I can load the plugins and hear that they are working, but the gui is not showing up no matter what i do. This started from one moment to the other. I can open plugin guis from clips and tracks.
I’m on Windows 10 and Wavelab 10.0.30
I’m working on different monitor/screen setups which has been a problem with steinberg software in the past (windows getting lost on screens, that are no longer attached to the computer). Maybe that caused the problem here?
Thanks in advance.

It’s likely that the GUI is ‘off screen’ as you suspect.

There was a possible fix for this from the very helpful Arjan P in a recent thread … it’s at the very bottom of that thread and essentially unrelated to the topic:

Hi Paul,

thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately this does not solve the problem. The Plugin Gui is still not showing up.
I guess I have to reset the preferences.
Could anyone hint me to the preferences that I would have to delete to reset this setting?



Yes, I am going through the same whereby menus are drawn off-screen when using multiple monitors (see my threads)

Erasing the preferences brought back the plugin GUI.
I will backup a working set of preferences in the future. I’ll do this for Nuendo since I ran into severe trouble because of corrupted preferences.

Workspace> Layout> Default will also restore functionality

In my experience … ‘not always’. If the preferences are corrupted, that won’t always work. Speaking from experience.

Same Here.

I am the person who Arjan P responded to. I never have been able to setup a second monitor since. Crazy as with WL6 I always ran two monitors with no problems. Maybe the 10.0.40 update will address the problem.

Though I have seen issues like this with several software titles (and on more than one PC system), my studio setup has not shown any issues in the WL 10.0 cycle so far.

One other tip for Windows I can offer for dialogs or windows not showing - either behind another window or outside the screen acreage - is to go to task bar and hover above the little window showing the one you can’t get to. As it hovers, right click on the little window and select ‘Move’. Now you can grab the invisible window with a left mouse click (and hold), or by using the arrow buttons until you have it in view.

I must admit, that I have problems with all Steinberg Software on my system. Especially if I use different scaling on the monitors. Menus are messed up all the time. Plugin Windows get lost etc.
(Win 10, Nuendo, Cubase, Wavelab)

It may depend on what you have on the second screen with different resolution … for example, in my particular set up the only thing on that second screen are meters … and they are always there. That behaves fine. However, I am aware that if I should have a part of an open dialogue or plugin accidentally partly across the second screen, that second screen temporarily stops behaving predictably. Drag what should have been on the main screen back and the second screen behaves fine once more.

With only meters on the second screen, the behavior is no different to 9.5 or before.

The second screen is a different resolution from my primary screen. But other software and DAWs don’t seem to have problems with that. Maybe something in the “coding” of WL is different. The more complex WL becomes the more problems it seems to have. I guess that is normal but not welcomed. My life was much more “simple” back in the days of WL 6.0, WL7 and WL8 were disasters (IMHO) and WL 9 was very stable after WL 9.5.5 and then we got WL 10 with all its problems. Hopefully it will all get worked out. I am sticking with WL 9.5.5 for the foreseeable future. FWIW

The second screen is a different resolution from my primary screen

Use this:

Hi everyone sorry to restart an old discussion, but I am having this same issue on Mac

I cannot figure out how to trash the preferences I need to on Mac on Wave-lab 11

Can someone tell me how?

Erase these:
/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/Cache/
/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/Preferences/

Thanks PG.

Those folders don’t exist for me.

I have HD/Users/MyName/ - but no library folder in here
I also have HD/Library/Preferences - but no Wave:ab Pro 11 folder in here


Try this maybe:

Cool link :wink:
the app “Funter” last in the article is very useful…

regards S-EH

I might actually have a related issue.

One plugin that I move to a second screen has its mouse interactions “offset” vertically. E.g., I have to click about 100 pixels above and to the left of the button I want to press.

WL 11.0.30, Windows 10 21H1 - 19043.1706
The only plugin I use like that and have the problem with is Perception AB (current). Voxengo Span seems to work fine. I haven’t tried anything else on it (it’s a little 7" screen that I bought specifically for those 2 plugins).