Plugin Incompatibilities

I like the SPL Transient designer plugin, but it appears to have some issues when combined with other plugins in Cubase. I have a project I’m working on that uses mainly FabFilter Pro Q2, TubeTech CL 1B, and SoundToys EchoBoy plugins. adding the native SPL Transient Designer plugin appears to introduce serious nastiness, disk spikes to infinity, horrible digital noise, etc. The UAD version seems to work pretty well with that combination.
This is not a complaint, just tech stuff. Has anyone else seen this?

There was a topic regarding Plugin Alliance products and the related issues:

Thanks, I sent support an email. Meanwhile I got the UAD version, it seems to work fine.

Yeah the UAD versions of their plugs seems to work just fine… i’ve had the UAD TD for years now… it’s the newer PA installers that cause issues… they do a really nice deal if you have the UAD versions of their plugs which i’d like to take advantage of as i would like the BX V3 and the Expanded new TD but it’s pointless until i update to win 10 as it appears the issue only affects Win7 according to their support.

Does this issues occurs on OSX too?

Do you know which plugin version from Plugin Alliance is working good with Cubase?

I can actually answer this question very precisly, however just for my machine of course (Windows).
I testet all legacy versions and here is the result: 1.8 is worst. From 1.4.4 to 1.7. it’s better but not perfect. Belowthat it’s good. I use 1.4. At 1.4.4 the toolbar was introduced and at 1.8. the filesysze of the plugins exploded. Not sure what they did, visually nothing changed so I guess it’s the copy protection.

Here is an example download link:

If you change the numbers you get other versions. For example 1_7
Not sure what the other plugin locations are, the style should be similar and with some trying you should find them. Support will give you the links, tho.

Please: If you suffer from these problems, contact support. I did so and I’m not hopeful that anything will change unless more people bother them.

Many thanks Frozenwave,

I tried to download Transient Designer 1.7 with sucess…

Some time ago I had a problem with Vitalizer, when I updated from 1.7 to 1.8 it changed the sound, and I had talked with Plugin Alliance. They took many time to reply, but then they send 1.7 to install again.

Now, I’m using lastest version from Transient Designer in all my projects and lately I’ve a lot of crashes.

I’m not shure if it’s related to PA, or everything else. I had updated all my Waves plugs too…

I’m gonna try to install v1.7 tomorrow and I’ll give some feedback.

@ Sonik…
I’ve been informed this is a Win7 issue and updating to Win 10 will solve my issue… if you do try on OSX and you have issues could you let us know please? It would be interesting to see.