Plugin Information, eLicenser Problem (SOLVED)

As you can see in this image, there is no buttons only one but where are the buttons to add vst folders?

eLicenser is not working properly

What is wrong?? I have Cubase 8.5 PRO, why Im getting this letter of "Cubase Artist???

Please help me, I really need help


Screenshot 1) See your duplicate post.

Screenshot 2) Run eLCC as an administrator. Did you just update to Win 10? Or did you instal any Win 10 update?

Screenshot 3) Lets solve the eLCC first, please.

Hello, sorry for the stress and duplicated post, I was in a really stressing moment

Everything is working good now, and yes I updated my windows 10 just yesterday, I didnt notice but seems like the Auto/ time zone hour was disabled for some strange reason and was by default in manual, after change to Auto again, my elicenser works properly again with no issues (for now), after change de date time to auto and before get everything solved I rebooted my computer few times and running again the maintenance of elicenser

hope my answer helps if somebody had the same problem

Thank you by the fast reply and by the patience and again, I feel very sorry for the stress and double post