Plugin/Inserts Linking Channels doesn't work for some plugins

I have two instances of izotope/exponential reverb STRATUS on two different channels that are linked but the settings aren’t linking and changing together. It works for other plugins. Is that because of the developer of the plugin? How could I fix this?

I want a dialogue reverb and an effects reverb to be linked so they do the same thing but are on their separate stems.

I got the same exact problem, anyone has a solution as of now? It has been 2 years.
(Nuendo 11 now)

The new audio export function could be a solution / workaround for that!? Just use one reverb on a fx channel and send all tracks to it, you want to have this reverb on.
Then go to multi channel audio export and select all stems you want to export (including groups/sends/master fx).