Plugin installation history

Cubase 10 Pro has become slower than mud on startup. First when loading the program, and again when loading a project. Both take several minutes now (hangups on VST3 scan, and on Master bus loading).
I assume a plugin is causing the delay. Is there a way inside Cubase to see the history of plugin additions, so I can start working backwards to discover what’s causing the problem?

Not really internal to Cubase. But Windows Explorer (and I assume Mac’s Finder) should show you the creation and modification dates of the associated files.

FYI the ‘standard’ method to sort out stuff like this is to disable half of them which will tell you which half has the problem. Then repeat on the problem half, which will narrow it down to 1/4 of the plug-ins. Continue narrowing it down by halves until you narrow it down to the culprit.

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