plugin loading problems

I am trying to load up a plugin and notice that the plugin will load up, however at the very top of the screen and can’t be grabbed by the mouse and moved, and in some cases, like with the izotope denoiser, I can’t access (the learn function or even see) some of the functions. The top portion of the plugin seems immovably jammed to the top of the computer screen, even if window is minimized, and can’t be used fully. What to do?

What WaveLab version are you using?


Mac or Windows? With all plugins?

I was getting this as well on Mac os 10.8.5 with WL 8.5 though haven’t tried new update. Seemed to happen with all plugs though pretty much made it unusable so didn’t get that far into it.

yeah with all plugins. I made my display larger and it dislodged it… though not sure it is permanently fixed if this is required. My display was pretty big to begin with. Now much bigger! :slight_smile: Using a mac.

Can I get a picture so that I am sure what you talk about?