Plugin Manager Blacklisting Alien 303

Hi Everyone

I just move from Cubase 10.5 to 11, and i have the unpleasent notice that my main bass plugin is blacklistened as not valid. I was using it without problems in 10.5 and its x64 version.
Any way manually to take it off from that list?

Thanks to all

You can try to remove it from the blacklist by finding it under the top menu StudioVST Plug-in Manager and click the Blocklist tab. I’m not exactly sure the step from there because I don’t have any plugins in there that can be removed from the blacklist, but I actually did it today so I know there is an option there. I think if you right click the plugin, if it’s possible, there will be a menu of some kind where you can select the option to remove the blacklist.


When i do second click only display “Always on Top”.

Maybe i have to check something on preferences to have that option?

Im using cubase 11.0.20 build 371

Not 100% sure. There might be an option in the lower section. I just remember there being something that said ‘Remove from blacklist’ or something to that effect. Some plugins do not have this option, for example 32bit plugins that can not be removed from the blacklist. So it’s also possible that particular plugin just can’t be removed from the blacklist. You may consider email Steinberg and inquire why it’s blacklisted.