Plugin Manager Default still hold deleted productnames

Cubase 13 pro Win10
After deleting "Best Service"Vst from my computer, its still there in the Plugin Manager? In Default - Folder named "Best Service+ and sub folder named: “$Recycle.Bin” How can I remove these old not used Folders from the DeFault please?


Please, uninstall the plug-in completely.

I would definitely remove this folder from the Plug-in Manager. This is the trash bin folder.

Thats the problem, I cant remove it?
After deleting Best Service content, its gone from Cubase 12 pro, But 13pro doens’t
The plugin is removed completely from my computer but in VST instruments/Default its still there
The trash bin is greyed out so I cant remove it from default- I expected it , to be gone after removing the complete Best Service vst from my pc, but it did’nt


What happens, if you empty the trash in, please?

the trashbin in windows desktop is empty, is there other trash that can be removed?
Best service is removed from my pc but its also still there in the right zone ( Media)
Dont know how to remove from their either


Try to restart your computer and delete these folder immediately after the restart, please.

It looks like some component is still running, therefore the system refuse to delete the folders.

Thanks for your help Martin, I appreciate it, but even after restarting there is no option in Cubase 13 to delete anything from the Default plugin manager - there is no delete option and the trash bin is grayed out in Default.Its not that the system refuses to delete something , there is no opertunety to remove anything from the Default list in Plugin Manager.
It should be gone after removing the program from the pc , and it does so in Cubase 12, but not in 13


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Top foto is from right screen Media Pro13
Bottom foto is from Plugin manager Default
All programs "Best Service deleted from computer - but still there in Cubase


How does it look like in the VST Plug-in Manager window, please?

How can I upload a libre office file with a screenshot photo please?


Upload the JPG, or PNG file, same as you did before, please.

Thanks Martin

photo’s from the plugin manager


Could you remove the BestService folder from the VST2 Plug-in Path?

Hi Martin
No I can’t, (or don’t know how to)

Could it solve this problem perhaps if I un install Cubase 13 and install it again?
I can also “Hide” This path- In that case its still there but not visible anymore, but that feels like sweeping it under the carpet doesn’t it?

Thanks Martin
I clearly lack knowledge, apologies for that.
Removing the BestService folder from the VST2 Plug-in Path brought the solution. Thanks !
Actually, this field no longer needs any vst2 path, because I only work with vst3?

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