Plugin manager: expand all nodes of missing plugins

Feature Request

A user can currently utilize the Plugin Manager feature “Remove Unavailable Plug-ins from All Collections,” which removes all missing plugins from all Collections’ plugin lists.

However, instead of just removing the missing-plugin entries, (a) sometimes the user wants to review the missing plugins to ascertain what may have happened to some plugins that are expected to not be missing; and (b) sometimes the user needs to also edit/delete Plugin Manager folders containing the missing plugins in order to improve Collection organization.

Requested Functionality:
An option in Plugin Manager to expand all nodes that lead to missing plugins. This way, the user can see all the missing-plugin entries in context and make configuration changes as needed.

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Good idea.

I use an xml compare to do this (using Beyond Compare). It’s useful for copying new plugins folders etc. using the plug-in manager xml file.

But your suggestion would certainly be useful as my method is not a common use case for sure.

We already have a setting for showing unused plugins, (Hide Plugins That Are in Active Collection). So, we could have a new one: Show Plugins That Are Missing from Active Collection).

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