Plugin Manager -> Howto migrate settings from Cubase 8.0

I spent a lot of time to organize my plugins in Cubase 8.

I can’t find the “Plugin Manager.xml” in the “AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase9_64” folder.

Is there a way I can import my plugin-folder settings from Cubase 8.0 to Cubase 9.0?

Thanks for your suggestions!

Problem solved. Plugin Manager.xml is not initially created after the installation, but after the first time when the program is shut down. Then a copy/paste of the file from the Cubase 8 folder does the trick.

I just had the same problem - spent A LOT of time to organize plugins in C8… copy and pasted the xml file - but my configurations does still not show up in C9 plugin manager?

How did you solved this?

ok… tried again - for some reason the first time the C8 xml was overwritten with a 1kb file when closing C9… tried again - now it seems to work :slight_smile: