Plugin Manager: Import Collection (32>64)

Hi all you lovely Steinbergers!!
Quick question; I have been using v8 32 bit. I have hundreds of plugins and I organised them all nicely in the Plugin Manager. Now I have installed x64 version and I want to import my collection. Is this possible? Can’t find a way and it will take me a whole day to redo, if not more… :arrow_right:

Copy over the plugin manager.xml from the user data folder (preferences).

Don’t expect your hundreds of 32bit plugs to just work in 64bit though. You are bound to have some problems with bridging with that many plugs.

Amazing Thanks Grim! I will try tomorrow. Yep already noticed some plugin problems, even using jBridge :frowning:
Bah 16GB and can only use 4! Much appreciated tho

You need to at least start thinking about going all 64bit imo.
C8.5 is the last Cubase that will actually have a 32bit version.

I’m assuming they’ll keep the bridge going for a few years yet and probably there will always be 3rd party apps but there always seems to be a trade off of performance or stability with bridging.

I know man. I am currently upgrading old projects from SX1 to Cubase 8! As I upgrade them I am alredy starting to replace mega old plugins with newer ones, but many of those are still 32 bit only. I agree forward thinking is now required. The thing is some of my Waves 64 bit plugins aren’t working; Butch Vig Vocals ins’t even seen, my API EQ loads but when you call it up it’s just a black box. Anyway I’m not babbling for advice, I’m actually just enjoying the chat :slight_smile: Gonna try uninstall and reinstall Waves stuff next!

Ha…they have announced the very next day that there will be no Steinberg bridge.
Batten down the hatches…there’s a storm brewing :wink:

It’d be great if Steinberg re-issued all their old plugins as 64bit VST3 at the same time as stopping 32bit support!!



I can’t see that happening unfortunately. I believe that Steinberg no longer have the rights to certain plug-ins, e.g. Steinberg (Waldorf) A1. Having said that, I would love to see Steinberg release more volumes of VST Classics.