Plugin Manager Improvements: Copy Paste Folders in Plugin Collections / Other

  • Copy Paste folders in Plugin Collections, so they can be copied to other collections.

and or

  • Plugin Collections needs its own Window for cross collection editing between the currently opened collection, and the others in the collection bank.


  • Ability to tag plugins in the manager with type tags - EQ, Reverb, etc - these should affect plugin search when inserting - so if a plugin doesn’t have EQ in the name, if it is tagged, when user searches ‘EQ’ plugs tagged with that are filtered in.

  • Plugin renaming

  • Smart/Forced Plugin re-attachment… 64bit check, VST3 check - some reason, the plugin is stilling “missing” even though it is there in the manager, and can be inserted in the project.

  • Search includes brand.

  • Checkbox filter, for VST 2 / VST 3 (unless VST 2 will be gone gone in next version) either way, this will help people see easier their VST2 vs VST3 plugin list. Maybe they wouldn’t disappear from the list when unchecked but would be highlighted/muted… Or maybe different colour coordination VST2 vs VST3? Make it easier to see.

Quickest fix, would be to give us the ability to copy a folder or multiple folders at once, so we can copy them into a different plugin collection.

But ultimately,

These types of menus suck.

It took me a long time to make this menu, and it involved going into the XML to be able to do it “quickly”, rather, quicker, than from within the Plugin Manager.

That pop out menu needs to become its own fixed menu, so that users can drag and drop not only from the master plugin list, but from currently loaded plugin-collection to other not loaded plugin collections.

Being able to also, re-order the plugin collection menu is needed.

Please make this better Steiny!