Plugin manager issue / bug (?)

It seems when you save a profile (export profile) and import that profile into another computer that there is a problem. When I have NEWER (than stored in the Profile) prefs / configuarations) and keycommands and I copied these manually to these folders that it always reverts back to the settings (prefs) and keycommands that were stored in the Profile (older ones). So I would have to reselect these newer preferences and keycommands everytime Cubase starts up. I would suggest an update profile option or a better way for this as I need specific things from the profile but want to use my latest settings and key commands which I frequently change on another system.

As it is you can only export profiles to a file and import them. It just doesnt include any changed prefs or key commands. They are not included when I reimport that file. I think what is needed is an actual SAVE PROFILE or UPDATE PROFILE button as this doesnt seem to work well.

Secondly: I would like to have a profile manager that saves EVERYTHING, even mixer layouts, track layouts etc erc.


I have to admit, working with profiles is not really intuitive. You have to understand the logic, which is following…

The Profile collects all relevant files from the preferences folder. But the problem is, lots of the files are updated when you quit Cubase. So to get the very latest state you have to do it this way:

  • Make the preferences (Key Command) changes.
  • Quit Cubase to store the changes to the preferences files.
  • Start Cubase and Export the profile.

Now you get the very latest state in the exported Profile file.

Ok thanks Will try!

Thanks for replying!