Plugin Manager Not Updating

Anyone having an issue with the Plugin Manager not updating after adding/delete custom VST folders? I keep deleting the same folder path and after several times restarting it still keeps coming back and it doesn’t detect Waves plugins despite them being in the right folders.

Hi there,
Seems to be a BIG problem with Cubase 10. I have a Mac Pro.
My native instruments such as Battery 4, FM8, and native instruments effect such as Solid Bus Comp and Solid EQ are not loading. The plugin manager shows them in a wrong path. I had Jbridge and once I updated CB this last time, they all went to the jbridge folder.
I deleted the the jbridge completely
I deleted the jbridge folder in the Library/Audio/Plugins/VST folder.
I went to Native Access and reinstalled the plugins and they installed successfully.
I checked the folder and they are all there BUT… the plugin manager still shows the plugins with the wrong path. Cubase won’t allow me to add a new path.
Cubase won’t allow me to change the plugin path.
How can Cubase still show the same wrong path after all I did?!