Plugin Manager - Option to rename plugins

Ehh i did not see anything regarding renaming in any post.
Anyhow I would really like another column beside the plugin name, call it “alias” and any name in this would be used, if left empty the original name gets used.
That would make it easy to view original names and the new ones at the same time, and make it easier to come up with new names that haven’t been used already.

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Highly useful feature, so my +1.


This really bothers me:

Hello fellow Cubase plugin manager power users -

I would like to invite you to take a look at the proposal here and add any thoughts:
Feature Request: Steinberg Audio Plugin Manager (APM)

Sorry to bother this thread, but since the posters here are already (obviously) interested in the plugin manager functionality, I wanted to see if you wanted to contribute over there. I think you might have some invaluable insights to contribute.

Thank you for your consideration!

Must be done.



  • 1 !

Yes, like this


Nice idea !

+1 by me and here is another place where it is annoying:

either manage the “aliases” separately or add some rule to abbreviate differently. e.g. have the ellipses at the end instead of the middle:

Roomworks… instead of Roomw…SE
AIRMulti-C… insteadf AIRMul…64
AIRMulti-D… insteadf AIRMul…64

at least I get a chance to see whether I am dealing with Chorus or Delay :slight_smile:

can help a lot … in my case its T-racks for every plugin by ik-multimedia

+1 Yes please

As well to change the search strings… I have some plugins that won’t show up if I type the ‘logical’ name.

Nothing but hot air, as usual.