Plugin Manager - Option to rename plugins

Highly useful feature, so my +1.


This really bothers me:

Hello fellow Cubase plugin manager power users -

I would like to invite you to take a look at the proposal here and add any thoughts:
Feature Request: Steinberg Audio Plugin Manager (APM)

Sorry to bother this thread, but since the posters here are already (obviously) interested in the plugin manager functionality, I wanted to see if you wanted to contribute over there. I think you might have some invaluable insights to contribute.

Thank you for your consideration!

Must be done.



  • 1 !

Yes, like this


Nice idea !

+1 by me and here is another place where it is annoying:

either manage the “aliases” separately or add some rule to abbreviate differently. e.g. have the ellipses at the end instead of the middle:

Roomworks… instead of Roomw…SE
AIRMulti-C… insteadf AIRMul…64
AIRMulti-D… insteadf AIRMul…64

at least I get a chance to see whether I am dealing with Chorus or Delay :slight_smile:

can help a lot … in my case its T-racks for every plugin by ik-multimedia

+1 Yes please

As well to change the search strings… I have some plugins that won’t show up if I type the ‘logical’ name.

Nothing but hot air, as usual.



I’ve started, inadvertently, a 2nd thread for this topic:

Best Regards



Oh f**k yes. Being able to set a global alias name for a plugin would be so great.