Plugin Manager question

I’ve just installed a new version of Tone2 Gladiator3 vsti
and Cubase 10.5 doesn’t show it in plugin manager, but shows in Vst2xPlugins Cubase.xml after scan
Tried to figure out why and found that Gladiator3 has the same cid
and editorCid value as
Gladiator2 synth. And Cubase blocks synths with the same cid i

So i have to delete Gladiator2 to use Gladiator3 but i can’t do it
because they sounds different. I want to use both versions: 2-nd for
old projects that already mixed down and 3-rd for new projects.

Is it possible to change plugin cid value for Gladiator3 so both
versions of the synth will be available in Cubase Plug-in Manager ?
Or are there any ways to show both synth versions in Cubase Plugin Manager ?


In the Info line of the VST Plug-in Manager, you can see the plug-in version.

Contact the developer. If the V3 is not meant to replace the old V2, he should provide a different ID for it.