Plugin Missing its Sample Files Stops Project from ever opening

Ok, this bug is a bit complex, so follow along.

Project has Arturia Spark 2 drum machine in it. for some reason its not connecting to a couple of its samples even though they are where they should be.

When Cu 10.5 or 11 opens the project, the project loading progress dialog opens. Then a missing file dialog from the Spark VST asking what to do - Skip, Skip ALL, search.

The hang occurs because Cu never gives UI focus to the Spark UI for it to accept input. Its input is locked out. You can’t use mouse to hit its UI. buttons, You can’t enter keyboard shortcut or even enter or Command period. Thats it, game over.

since the Spark UI never gets focus, you can’t enter anything, CU just sits there waiting for the VST to finish doing its thing and load the rest of the project, but can’t. No where to go except force quit the app. This bug has effectively LOCKED ME OUT of 1 or 2 projects. I’ve tried moving sample files around to the location Spark wants them, only to find them actually already there, unless the path shown in the missing file dialog is wrong or being prefixed by CU. please please please fix this bug !!!

UPDATE : I found a alias in my user folder to where files where. Bug in Spark for not correctly parsing aliases / symlinks. Rather than copy the entire 2gig sample library, I made a new folder called factory to match what Spark wanted, then copied a single top level folder of all that instruments samples in. worked and project finally open. that said, CU still has a problem with not bringing the dialog warning forward so I could either relink the file or ignore the error and go on