Plugin never loads


I installed Wavelab 11.1 pro on a New Mac M1.
As everything was ok on my Mac Pro late 2013 (Catalina), on this install, I still have a bunch of plugins that don’t want to load.

Tried to :

  • force re-scan all plugins
  • Force re scan ignored plugins
  • deleted the plugin-registry-arm.txt and PluginPlacements.dat files

They still don’t load here (they loaded in the old system)
Do I have to reinstall Wavelab ?
Or is it obviously a plugin editor’s problem ?

Nota : AAX versions works fine

Thank you.

Can you name a few plugins? I haven’t had any issues loading the ones I regularly use.

DMG Limitless

But you can see the whole list above :wink:

Oh sorry, the forum made it look like whatever image you posted wasn’t working. I see it now.

It sounds like you’ve done all the steps including deleting the plugin-registry-arm.txt

I wish I had an answer but all plugins are working here on M1 and Intel. Maybe PG will have an idea.

Thank you for your testimony :wink:

Are you in Apple Silicon Mode for WaveLab? AKAIK, there is a plugin registry file for both Rosetta and Apple Silicon Mode that you may want to trash.

I re installed WL
A message said that if I want to use vst2 plugin, I must run Wavelab in Rosetta mode
Do you Run Wavelab in Rosetta mode ?

Anyway the plugins are .vst3 and I don’t think this will solve the issue.

Mmm sorry but what must I do with this plugin registry file (if I can find it :slight_smile: ) ?

I’m opening wavelab in Rosetta mode…

I’ve found that deleting the plugin registry file(s) is the most reliable way to force a plugin scan.

I’m on my Intel Mac right now, but here is the path:
/Users/username/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/Cache/plugin-registry.txt

On an M1/M2, you’ll also see a plugin-registry.txt file with arm in the name for using Apple Silicon mode. I would delete them both at this point.

I mostly use Apple Silicon mode now on my M1 laptop. There is just one Sonnox plugin that isn’t M1 native yet that forces me to use WaveLab in Rosetta mode sometimes but generally speaking, all my go to plugins work just fine in Rosetta or Apple Silicon Mode.

You are right.
I put all the Wavelab Preferences folder on my desktop and re install WL. aka including the plugin-registry-arm.txt file

Same thing…

I’m now launching WL in Rosetta mode… the plugins scan is waaayyyyyy longer

This would mean that even my DMG Limitless is not Silicon compatible :-\ ?

DMG plugins are m1 native now, but last I checked and for some dumb reason, the silicon versions are only in their big bundle installer and not the individual plugin downloads you might normally use.

Annoying but the DMG EQ and Limitless are M1 native if you use the big installer thing they have. When using the bulk installer, if you look closely you can uncheck any plugin you don’t want to install.

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The ignored plugins did not load because they are not Silicon compatible.

The DMG’s are now working on Silicon mode.

Actually, it looks like Silicon mode only loads vst3 plugins, and Rosetta mode loads VST and VST3 plugins.

A bit disapointed that there are still a lot of not silicon-compatible plugins.
I guess I have to expect less power in Rosetta mode ?

Thank you again for your precious help Justin :wink:

Yes, WaveLab 11.1 in Apple Silicon Mode means no VST2 plugins.

WaveLab 11.1 in Rosetta mode can still use VST plugins.

Aside from UAD (the original, not the new UADx rolling out), I can’t think of too many that are not M1 Native and VST3 now. Sonnox SuprEsser is the main one I’m waiting for.

Something like this could help you host older plugins in WaveLab Apple Silicon Mode:

Some plugins from :

Nugen audio
T-Racks Ik multimédia
Plugin alliance

Are not Silicon

Fortunately I personnally only miss 3 plugins

And yes the Meta plug-in might be a good temporary solution :+1:

Hmm. The handful of Plugin Alliance plugins I use are M1 native.

T-Racks, IK, and NUGEN have enough other issues that I stay away from them in WaveLab.

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