Plugin opens in non-existent window

Alright, this problem really has me vexed. I have melodyne as a plugin. When I open it (by clicking the “e”) to edit and start going, the plugin opens in a window that appears to be beyond the boundaries of my computer screen. If I use the windows minimize command from the menu, I can see it get minimized into the little mini title bar thing at the bottom of my screen. When I restore it, it zooms back to some fantasy location that is beyond the edge of my computer screen. So basically, i can’t see it!

I’m not sure if this caused it, but I used to use 3 monitors, and now I’m down to 2. How can I get my plugin to open so that I can actually see it?

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling melodyne and that didn’t help.


Are there scrollbars in Cubase? You should be able to scroll to the location of the window.

I’ve scrolled all around to no avail. It seems like the plugin window is opening up beyond the borders of my monitor. It is absolutely nowhere to be found. it is listed as an open window, and I can see the little title bar zoom back to the lower left corner when I minimize it through the windows menu.


Change res on monitors or delete any profiles via your video card.

Without having it minimized, i.e. restored but not maximized, select move from the plugins taskbar icon, and then use your arrow keys to maneuvre it into a good position (once you’ve used the arrow keys you can elect to use the mouse instead if you prefer - but only after the arrow keys have initiated the move!) a final click of the mouse (or pressing the enter key of the keyboard) will fix the window in place.