Plugin order for Mixer channels and then for mastering buss

Greetings all,
I am desiring to develop a template for my projects and I could use some help in understanding what I’m doing. I researched You tube but really get nowhere. I do home recording, in the Folk genre, ballads type. I mostly record acoustic guitar very rarely in electric. every thing else is from ‘‘In The Box’’ - Upright bass, mello grand piano, and sometimes strings from HSO. I use only Cubase pluggins.
My first question - do I need to compress these ‘‘In the box instruments’’ or anything like that? If I should - what plugins are preferable and in what order? I send the bass and piano into a group channel with no effects in the sends.
Second Question - For the acoustic guitars same question as above - which plugins would best be served in the audio channels inserts and which would serve best in the group channel? I have Delay and Reverb in the sends using three guitar tracks; Main, alternate and lead guitar.
Question # three - Vocals same as above. Here I also have Mono delay and reverb in the sends using three harmony tracks + main vocals.

I know this is a loaded question with a lot of variants but there must be some basic setup to begin with. The add to taste I’ll deal with once I get to working with it.
Thanks in advance


  1. The Audio samples are already compressed. I don’t use the compressor for a single Instrument.

  2. Yes, you need a compressor here. As a starting point, you can use Track presets, where you get all effects you need and the setup.

  3. Same as 2.

Thank you Martin, I’ll look into the track presets