Plugin order using DOP

Aside from the bugs / issues with DOP that are regularly posted, something that I’m struggling with is control over the plugin order. I’m finding that the choice of whether an added plugin goes before or after the one already there seems to be a random choice made by Cubase; does anyone know how to choose whether an added plugin goes before, or after a point in the chain?

Example: DOP is in effect with an EQ. I go to add a compressor, and it adds it before the EQ. I want the compressor after the EQ, so I have to then ‘fix’ the DOP in place (can’t remember what that process is called but essentially bounces it down to a new file), completely negating that the whole point of the DOP is it’s non-destructive nature.

I’m hoping I’ve missed something obvious and this isn’t an oversight.


The “chain” is very clear. Actually it’s a history, so the new process always sits to the end.

By aware, same as the History window, the latest process is on bottom and the oldest (1st) is on top.

Thanks for the info Martin, that’s how I would have expected it to function. So in cases where the plugin is added at the top of the chain, would this be a bug not a feature?

The specification is, it’s the same way as it is in the History window.

So…Hyperstate is not reporting his results accurately? In my case, like Martin states, the new plugin is on the bottom.