Plugin organization in "Favorites" and in genreal.

Can anything be done to clean this up? I feel that it’s been mentioned before but the way that Wavelab displays plugins is kind of a mess. None of the previous suggested changes in settings has made a difference. I think that there must be something within Wavelab that can be improved. Logic Pro, Pro Tools, or Triumph seem to have this kind of mess.

I’ll attach a few screen shots but in the “Favorites” section, all the Waves plugins should be in their own folder, as well as a few others like Sonnox. UAD decides to make two folders for some reason, others as well.

In the regular plugins section, UAD for example has odd sub-folder behavior. The 4K and Dangerous BAX make their own sub/subfolders and the rest go in “Others”. Then the main sub-folder decides to break into “Analyzer”, “Mastering”, and “Others”.

Can this please be cleaned up on the Wavelab side?

This is from Wavelab 8.5.10 (64-bit) on OSX 10.9.2


In the plugin settings, you have multiple options. You can create categories if you like. Of you can let WaveLab create sub-folders according to the prefix names. Please experiment.
VST-3 plugins provide more info to the host about their category, and it’s easier to have them sorted. Favour VST-3 against VST-2 when you have the choice.


I did some quick experimenting by turning off all VST2 versions when VST3 versions exist and also simply set it “sort by vendor” which really cleaned things up a lot. I mostly just choose from the Favorites list anyway.

When I have some extra next I’ll try to experiment with the category renaming option, it seems like it could be a good option too.