Plugin Parameter Automation on Montage Output in Inspector


From what I can tell, plugin parameter automation is only available as clip fx automation or on track automation.
What I would like to suggest is, if you coul also implement this feature for the plugins in the output section as well.
That is where I usually place all my clippers & limiters and sometimes it would be great to just be able to automate the threshold on one limiter, or change the release on it, or the amount of input you are driving it with etc.

It can be done on a clip fx, but couldn’t it be done on a montage output as well? It could be very usefull especially when you have different sections in a song, or multiple songs in an album and you want to gently push or back off one another.

Can this be asked as a feature request?

I understand the need, but the difficulty is about introducing automation envelopes outside clips, eg. on some special track.