Plugin parameter automation

Hi PG,

As I understand it is not possible to automate plugins still? In mastering sometimes it is needed, like automating release on the Limiter or EQ parameter on some parts of the track.

This is why I went to Nuendo for mastering work use WL 8.5 only for CD or DDP creation.


You can automate the effect blending of clip plugins, even one channel only (L, R, M, S). This is not the same as parameter automation, but for some applications, this is better from the audio quality point of view, as blending is a sample to sample process (no granularity issue). Eg. filter/Eq/reverb.

Yes but blending has nothing to do with limiter release automation. How do you suggest to do that?

Its very important feature for mastering process. Audio quality is not suffering on Nuendo once I do automation. Why should it suffer on WL?

Definitely better for most morphing-type automation but I 2nd the need for parameter automation to change things such as limiter thresholds (and attack/release maybe) within a song or even from song to song when you have the limiter on the montage master.

While it might be possible to do limiter changes now, it would probably be very tricky to fade from one limiter instance to another with the desired changes, probably not something I would actually attempt in WaveLab.

I agree that Send Automation does not replace Parameter automation. But each one has its scope of interest.

I usually do master one track at a time and found it is more convenient to do that in Nuendo with the help of such plugin like Hofa Blindest, where you can insert all the album tracks and reference between them with equal loudness.
So for me not being able to automate some parameters and reference all the tracks at same loudness level is a no go to upgrade to WL9. The mastering art is moving forward and I hope in the next updates of WL9 they will implement such important features. I know more MEs who use Ableton and other DAWs in order to have full control and to automate EQs and releases.