Plugin parameters change to their full value on their own (Solved)

This is a weird one. I’ve had a few cases where one parameter on a plugin such as frequency 2 has been changed into its max value when I reopen the plugin. With frequency 2, it’s always the volume output. This happens randomly, but the odds increase when using the first insert slot. I have automation read globally enabled, but there is no automation data on the track itself, so I’m not quite sure what is causing this. Has anyone else experienced this kind of behaviour?

OS: Windows 10 Pro 21H1 19043.2006
CPU: i7-6850k

Did you try to check if the behaviour persists even disabling all the automation read ?

I just tried it. Didn’t help. In my project I can replicate this pretty regularly by switching frequency 2 to the second insert slot, then back to the first, clicking on something else (like a midi event on another track) and when I reopen frequency 2 the output volume on it is suddently set to 24db.

I also tried this on an empty project. Same story: insert frequency 2 on the first slot of the track, click on another track, reopen frequency and the output volume has shifted to max setttings.

I’ve just tried to replicate what you said on an empty project and it works fine with me.

Well then…unless someone comes up with a solution/can replicate this, I’ll file a bug report to Steinberg tomorrow.

I can’t replicate this either.

But as it’s on slot one and it’s the main EQ output in Freq2 is also the default FQC parameter #1, my bet would be that it’s an external controller/MIDI remote setup which is causing this issue when returning back to the focused plugin.

Something is sending a max value to Focus Quick Control parameter 1, do you have a device setup that uses MIDI Remote?

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Yes I had a nanoKontrol whose physical knobs kind of jittered around a bit - unknown to me. They were set to the Quick Controls and it took me awhile to sort out why random parameters randomly changed values.

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Yep, this was it, thank you. Would have taken me ages to figure this out.

I’m using Lemur/Composer Tools Pro and one of the generic remotes for that is what is causing the issue. It’s looking for a dedicated plugin (I always place it in the first slot) that let’s Composer Tools Pro recall various settings for a specific track when the track is selected. If the dedicated plugin is not there, the generic remote opts to control a parameter on whatever plugin is inserted instead - in this case, frequency 2’s output.

Guess I’ll need to figure a workaround for this.