Plugin placement strategy (64-bit only)

I need to cleanup my DLL plugin folders.
I have more than one DAW (Cubase) installed on my machine.
My first rule, from now on, when adding a new plugin on my machine is as follows:

  • Install the DAWs own plugins in their default folders.

For 3rd party plugins I have seen two different stragegies:
Assumption: The DAW mfg. will handle putting VST3 plugins in a unique VST3 folder.
(If this is not true please advise).

Install all 3rd party plugins in:

  • C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins, or
    C:\Program Files\Common Files

Such is my problem right now in that i have plugins installed in both Common Files and VSTPlugins.
For rule two, is there an advantage or disadvantage to choosing either of these folder paths?

Now I have to clean up 3rd party plugins already installed.
For instance, back in 2009 when I only had Cubase installed, I was putting 3rd party plugins into
my Cubase 6 (at the time) VSTPlugins folder.

This is an important cleanup point:
Depending on which plugin path I choose, Common Files or VSTPlugins, can I simply cut and paste these
DLLs that are currently in my Cubase 6 path into either of the Common Files or VSTPlugins path?

As well, after choosing a Common Files or VSTPlugins path, can I cut and paste plugins from one and put them into the other folder?

Any advise would be appreciated.

Common files\VST3 is where the vst3 plugs are installed.
There may be other files related to plugs in here too but I would not put your vst2 dll in here.
C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins is fine.

Copying dll across works ok for the vast majority of plugs.

Yes, I realized that i don’t have to worry about VST3 plugins.
I hope that copying (actually cut and paste) works for ALL of the dlls that I have installed.
thx for the reply.

FWIW, I have found Ultimate Plug-in tool handy to assure there are not duplicate .dll’s in your system…if that is of any importance to you.

That tool is awesome!! It noticed several duplicates and outdated versions which were incorrectly installed. thx!