Plugin preset error

I’m setting up 2 new computers and experiencing a strange error on both that may be related to 10.10.3 or maybe it’s something else.

I am trying to create some plugin presets which I could easily do in the past. Now when I try to do this, I get an error. I have tried many things to resolve it.

The interesting thing is that if I manually create the plugin vendor folder in the place that Wavelab says it is not allowed, then I can save presets. It seems to have trouble making that first folder for the plugin vendor.

I have tried this on many plugins like Waves, Sonnox, Universal Audio, and even with the built-in Steinberg plugins.

I will attach a few screen shots of the various error messages, and the settings for the system library and user library. I’m hoping PG or somebody can see what the problem might be so I can fix it and not have to manually create the folder for each plugin vendor.

One more…