Plugin preset load box window doesn't retain user window positioned memory (save box does)

still v11, not sure if this carried into 12.

The plugin Load Window Box and Save Window Box, differ in operation and protocol.

The Save Box, has a Microsoft Windows header with an X window closer.

The Load Box, has no Microsoft Windows header and is closed by clicking off window, or loading a preset.

The save box retains user both user resize and window position between closing and opening the save window multiple times.

The load box however, only remembers user resize and does not retain user window position on the screen.

It’s actually a very annoying quirk, as, I like to have my Load Preset window quite large, and so because of this, every time I open it, half of it is way off screen and I have to drag it into view.

As a side note, another annoyance, this time however with the Save Preset protocol, is a.) There is no direct to overwrite preset option, and b.) When saving a loaded preset, it doesn’t recall the name in to the save entry for the option of overwriting, or more commonly, create a variation in the name. Thus, the user has to scroll through their list of presets in the Save window, find the one one of reference, select it (now the name is in the entry), then create a variation.

Other annoyances include, not being able to alt+click the name field in the plugin GUI to change, or select all copy the name. Preset name box is too small imo, some of us have long names, at least give us a “help box popup” showing full name.

Was any of this fixed in V12?

Well, I hope there’s a way around it.

Hi, are you confirming it persists in V12?