Plugin Presets and FX Chains won't save in Nuendo 7

I’m a fairly new user to Nuendo though not a new DAW user. Our studio is making the transition from ProTools over to Nuendo and so far we’re all loving it. That said, when I attempt to save a setting in a plugin as a preset (doesn’t matter what plugin) or a series of plugins as an FX chain preset, nothing happens. I’m able to bring up the dialog box, type in a name for the preset but when I hit ‘OK’ it just flashes and acts like nothing happened. The ‘New Folder’ button in the save dialog box also doesn’t do anything. I’ve tested this out on a few other workstations here and got the same negative result.

What am I missing? Thanks for the help!

What’s your system? OSX or Windows?

Windows 7 Pro w/ SP1

So I believe my issue here is that I need to create a new folder in order to save a preset. When I click on the ‘New Folder’ button, nothing happens. Is there a filepath setting that I can look at for where user presets are stored?

I usually save track presets with detailed names.
N7 track presets.JPG
would that work ?

good luck