plugin presets directory

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Hi guys,

For years ive been using Nuendo 4.3.0 and soon I may have to move to a more current version due to computer issues.
I am slowly starting to back up all my old songs etc but I have a question regarding the “save preset” function from within Nuendo itself, im referring to the save preset box that nuendo has on each window header whenever you open a soft synth, track editor, etc. Im not referring to any save functions that a plugin may have inside of its own GUI.
If I am to simply drag a Nuendo song folder ( that contains the audio, images and edits folders) to my back up drive, do I also need to copy over any nuendo presets I have saved? Im guessing the presets are saved in another location and not in the song folder that Nuendo creates initially?
Usually if I save a plugins synth patch via its own GUI I can select where I want it saved and normally i just create a folder within the Song folder so when I backup the song folder I know the presets I made are also there.