Plugin presets not showing until i rescan

HI Nuendoers,

I am encountering a strange problem here on one workstation where the vst plugin presets do not show up in the list after saving. I need to manually rescan the folder in the media bay for them to show up.
There must be a preference to change this somewhere, because it works on all other N5 DAWs.
Anything I coukd have overlooked?

I hate to say it, but since the advent of VST 3 the preset-handling is pretty much a moving target. It got even worse with NU5. There are workarounds that do their trick for some, but not for all. Maybe others have more luck than me, but I get nothing but confusing results, especially when switching machines and platforms.

I’ve had issues here too, and the usual fix as opposed to a full rescan is to save the plugin list as VST Presets from within the soundframe dialogue for Save/Load presets.

FWIW, I would really recommend a full mediabay rescan after any update too - even an incremental one.
Trash all prefs (from all versions), and let it start over each time you install a full build or an update.
For earlier versions (I still have N3 & 4 installed too) I drag the folders to the desktop so the N5 first run doesn’t pick them up. It’s also a good idea to make sure any meter settings or preference settings get saved and copied outside the N5 prefs folders too.

one thing that help me with the “pains” of mediabay is to delete the instance of medisabay and create a new instence, than rescan. you can do it under the mediabay menu.

All comes under killing prefs when re-installing.
Everything in the Nuendo 5 folder should be got rid of too…